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About Us

Africa Relief Committee

The Africa Relief Committee works in the field of urgent relief, emergency and people development, It was established in the city of Birmingham in Britain in 1984 in response to the principles of mercy and the need for humanitarian duty, and in response to the famines that swept some of the African countries at that time, and then developed its work and continues to provide aid The different humanity {Medical, Nutritional, Social and Education} of the people affected by disasters around the world, including Somalia and Somaliland.

Here we are … Here is the Human

Nothing is more precious than a human being but a human being
because of this belief, the committee stuck to God’s solid rope
so it was founded, released and grown
It was an example of a good that spans all Africa continent

Our New Projects

African Relief Committee concludes a courses (making cakes and sweets) for 20 trainees in Hargeisa

The Industrial Institute for Girls in the Kuwait Educational Complex of African Relief Committee concluded yesterday morning a specialized course in the manufacture of cake and sweets for (20) trainees in Hargeisa, Somaliland, and the course comes with generous funding from Al-Rahma International Society in the State of Kuwait. The one-month course aimed at teaching…


African Relief Committee is carrying out a medical campaign for those affected by the floods and rains in the Salahley region of Somaliland

The African Relief Committee, in cooperation with the International Hospital in Hargeisa, carried out a medical convoy for the relief of the people affected by the torrents and torrential rains in the Salahley area, south of the capital, Hargeisa, this morning, Thursday 01/10/2020, and this convoy came with generous funding from Al-Rahma Internatioal Society in…


In cooperation with the International Hospital: Africa Relief Committee (A.R.C), with funding from Kuwaiti Al-Rahma International Society, a free multidisciplinary medical convoy is running to the Dami neighborhood, east of the capital, Hargeisa.

With generous funding from Al-Rahma Society, the African Relief Committee (ARC) ran, in cooperation with the International Hospital in the capital Hargeisa, the free multi-specialty medical convoy to the Dami neighborhood, east of the capital, Hargeisa. Hargeisa International Hospital visited the neighborhood, which is the poorest neighborhood in the capital, Hargeisa, with a high population…


The Africa Relief Committee (A.R.C) is carrying out an urgent relief campaign to relief those affected by the torrents and rains in the Salahlay region of Somaliland.

With funding from the Kuwaiti International Mercy Society (A.R.C), an urgent relief campaign was carried out for those affected by the rains and torrential torrents in the Salahli region – Somaliland. Where the relief convoy set off loaded with food baskets, benefiting 163 families who were affected by the rains and floods. This campaign comes…


Launching the activities of a free training course to teach handicrafts for (175) trainees in Kuwait Complex, with an integrated training program.

In September 2020, the first phase of the free training course for handicrafts education was launched at the Kuwait Educational Complex for Girls in Hargeisa. The course aims to teach sewing and hand embroidery for orphan and widowed mothers who cannot find a breadwinner for them. Which is organized by the Technical Institute for Girls…


Al-Nour Educational Complex in Borama, Somaliland, celebrates its first students nationwide.

The Al-Noor Model Schools Complex in Borama affiliated to the Africa Relief Committee (ARC), with the support and funding of the Rahma International Society in Kuwait, held a ceremony honoring the first students in public secondary schools for the academic year 2019-2020, where the students of the Al-Noor Complex won the first, second and second…


Khayrat Farms

The Khairat Farm Project is one of the development projects that achieve economic sustainability, as it is one of the most important purposes of charitable work in Somalia. The employment of local hands and gaining experience is one of the main goals of development farms. The khairat are also considered one of the endowment income…


The Minister of Education and Science in Somaliland meets with the top management of the Kuwait Educational Complex in Hargeisa, Somaliland.

His Excellency the Minister of Education and Science in Somaliland, Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Dire, met yesterday morning at his ministry headquarters in the capital Hargeisa, a delegation headed by the General Manager of the Africa Relief Commission (ARC) Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Mouallimi, and the two sides discussed several common issues, including education and the quality…


Computer Labs in Kuwait Educational Complex

We put a great importance to computer education in Kuwait Educational Complex schools, which creates great future opportunities for students.The computer lab is equipped with the latest computers and its peripherals in all our primary and secondary schools and girls ’schools.


For the first time in Somaliland … Opening of endoscopic urology and prostate surgery at Hargeisa International Hospital

Under the generous patronage of Dr. Mahdi Othman, Deputy Minister of Health, Somaliland, and in the presence of Mr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Muallami, General Manager of ARC, Dr. Abdul Qawi Al-Shamiri, General Manager of Hargeisa International Hospital, and a number of doctors, consultants and notables, endoscopic urology and prostate surgery was opened, which is the first and…


Kuwait Educational Schools .. Education pioneers

We provide our dear students with all the latest educational tools


Get to know Omnia Zakaria

Zakaria is one of the orphans who have been sponsored, and there are many orphans waiting to be sponsored


Kuwait Educational Complex .. We Have Opened Registration Doors for Everyone

Highly qualified teachers – Specialized administrative staff. – High quality educational environment – Excellent internal housing for boys.


Beginning of a new academic year 2020

The beginning of a new academic year in the Kuwait Educational Complex and Schools for the academic year 2020. We wish our students every success.


Eid clothes are distributed to (200) orphans in Hargeisa and Borma, Somaliland

With funding from the Rahma Austria the Africa Relief Committee Somalia office distributed during Eid Al-Adha, 200 Eid clothes for a slice of the sponsored orphans in the committee in the cities of Hargeisa and Borma. The General Manager of the Africa Relief Committee, Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Mouallami, explained that this project comes within the framework…


Adhahi project 2020

The African Relief Committee implements the Adhahi  project in Somalia, Somaliland and the Somali region. The Africa Relief Committee,Somalia Office, implemented Adhahi meat distribution project for the current year 1441 AH – 2020 in Somalia, Somaliland, Puntland State and the Somali region (Jigjiga), where the number of beneficiaries reached (34,850) families from poor, deprived and…


A delegation from the Austrian Al- Rahma Society participates with African Relief Committee in the distribution of Adahi “Kurban” and Eid clothing for orphans

The Austrian Rahma Society’s delegation participated in the project of distributing Adhahi  meat to the families of orphans and poor and needy families in addition to distributing Eid clothing to orphans in Hargeisa and Borma. The participation of the delegation that arrived at Hargeisa airport last Thursday, which was received by Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Thamer, Projects’…


The Free Medical Campaigns

Inauguration of free medical Campaigns at Hargeisa International Hospital. Which includes several Campaigns are currently being held in all of Somaliland.  


Saed is waiting for you..

Saed .. a kid among thousands kids in Somaliland and Somalia .. the live a life of a poverty and hunger and they are waiting for you to donate food, health and educational aid to them, and the crave meat in Eid Al- Adha. 


Celebration of occasion of the 59th National Day of KUWAIT Independence

On Tuesday, February 25 of each year, the National Independence Day of the State of Kuwait is held, and on this occasion we shared their joys.


13 Well … Save life

Construction of 13 surface wells in the “Sool” and “Sarrar” regions of “Las Anoud” and “Ainbeh”, 15,500 people will benefit from the project.


Drinking water desalination plant project

The plant supplies drinking water to 1,200 people, at an average of 60,000 gallons per day.


Creating Life

Creating life for them through providing life sources.


We care for you..

Three classes were built for teaching the Holy Quran for 75 students. Donate Zahra Muhammed Al-Shatti – may God have mercy on her . Supervision Al-Rahma International Organization – the State of Kuwait Implementation | African Relief Committee – Somaliland


Opening of a Quran teaching center

You are still supportive of goodness .. With God’s help, a teaching center for the Holy Quran has been built and opened, and it includes three classes and can accommodate more than seventy-five students.


Best class competition

A competition was held among all high school students (boys-girls) for the best semester of the year 2019-2020.


Midterm exams started for students of primary and secondary schools

Teachers and students prepared to start midterm exams for all primary and secondary school students and students in Kuwait Charity Educational Complex for the academic year 2019-2020 .. We wish our male and female students success.


Our Goal

Building a better life.