With generous funding from Al-Rahma Society, the African Relief Committee (ARC) ran, in cooperation with the International Hospital in the capital Hargeisa, the free multi-specialty medical convoy to the Dami neighborhood, east of the capital, Hargeisa. Hargeisa International Hospital visited the neighborhood, which is the poorest neighborhood in the capital, Hargeisa, with a high population density, yesterday morning, Friday 09/18/2020.

The convoy includes several medical specialties that include children, women and childbirth, ophthalmology, internal medicine, ear, nose and throat and general surgery, where the necessary medical examinations were examined and carried out in addition to analyzes and treatment was dispensed free of charge. This convoy comes within the medical campaigns carried out by the committee throughout Somaliland, targeting the neediest areas in order to help the needy and alleviate their suffering.

At the inauguration of the convoy, which was attended by the Deputy Minister of Health, Mr. Mahdi Osman Bouri, and a number of state officials and prominent social figures, they expressed their thanks for the implementation of this medical convoy that is yet to come, and the citizens need such medical projects. Medical convoys with thanking the African Relief Committee and the International Hospital for their tremendous efforts, calling on institutions and associations to do more medical convoys

The General Manager of the Africa Relief Committee (A.R.C), Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Mouallami, stated (that this convoy comes within the framework of implementing the goals that the committee took upon itself as a basic supporter for people along the geographical map of Somaliland, thanking the efforts of those in charge and supporters of this campaign and all the projects of the relief and development)

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