The African Relief Committee works in the field of urgent relief, emergency and development. Founded in1994, in response to the famines that swept some African’s countries in that time. We provide various humanitarian help, educational, nutritional, social and medical aid to poor nations, and nations that are exposed to disasters around the world, and that includes West African countries.


To be the first leading humanitarian and developmental organization in African continent.


Contribute in empowering people and serving the Somali society socially, educationally, healthy, developmentally and culturally, through a different activities.


  • Cooperation and integration.
  • Integrity and transparency.
  • Institutional Quality.
  • sustainable development.


  • Contribute to society socially, educationally, healthy, and developmentally.
  • Develop formal and informal education.
  • Promoting the general health of the community.
  • Serving the Organization’s donors and increasing their number.
  • Implementing and managing charities and projects effectively and efficiently.
  • Achieving developmental revenues and using them efficiently to ensure sustainable development.