Tender Name and Reference:

  • Tender Name: Supply of Steel Sheets
  • Tender Number: 7/2024

Tender Text:

The Procurement Department – Africa Relief Committee (A.R.C.) announces its desire to receive bids from suppliers for the supply of steel sheets.

Tender Components:


Item Delivery Location Submission Deadline
Supply of Steel Sheets Office of the General Manager’s Secretary / Organization Email 7 days from the date of offer


Tender Submission Requirements:

  1. The submitting office must adhere to the general conditions and specifications attached to the request for proposal.
  2. The financial offer must be submitted on the form number (PUR-QR-01-02), which is the Procurement Lists Form.
  3. The submitting company must be certified, licensed to operate, and registered in any Arab or foreign country.
  4. The company must provide a list of previous works and samples of similar works carried out by the company.
  5. All submitted offers and prices must be certified by the company and valid for three months from the date of the offer.
  6. All entities should submit their offers to the Executive Secretary of the Africa Relief Committee, Mr. Abdulqodus Ali Abdullah Al-Tayyar, at the main office of the Africa Relief Committee (Hargeisa – Berbera Road – Kuwaiti Complex) or to email: [email protected]

Key Points to Note:

  • Ensure that offers are submitted within 7 days from the date of the offer.
  • Adhere to the submission requirements and use the specified form for the financial proposal.
  • Submit the necessary documents proving the eligibility of the company, such as licenses and a list of previous works.
  • Ensure that offers are valid for a minimum of three months from the submission date.

Additional Information:

  • Offers must be directed to the office of the Executive Secretary of the Africa Relief Committee, and all documents should be complete to ensure the offer is accepted and evaluated properly.
  • Communication via the provided email is the primary means for any queries or additional clarifications.


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