The Al-Noor Model Schools Complex in Borama affiliated to the Africa Relief Committee (ARC), with the support and funding of the Rahma International Society in Kuwait, held a ceremony honoring the first students in public secondary schools for the academic year 2019-2020, where the students of the Al-Noor Complex won the first, second and second repeated at the level of the Republic of Somaliland in the presence of Officials from the Ministry of Education and some of the notables of society and those concerned Outstanding students were celebrated during a joyful ceremony that included many technical and rhetorical paragraphs.

The General Manager of the Africa Relief Committee, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Mouallimi, expressed his happiness with the achievement of the first students and their reaching the rank of excellence, and added that the superiority and success of our students today in the Al-Noor Complex is an achievement of the vision, mission and goals of the Committee (ARC) under the supervision of the International Mercy Society in the State of Kuwait. The efforts of those in charge of management and educational cadres, praising the efforts of parents and their follow-up to their children and urging them to succeed and excel.


At the end of the ceremony, the first students were honored (the first / Khaled Abdi Muhammad 96%, the second student / Secretary Muhammad Nour, and the second repeat student / Iman Farah Hassan 94%, and they were awarded certificates of excellence with symbolic awards that they admired.

The ceremony and the honor were attended by Professor Eid Abdul Latif, Director of Educational Affairs at the Committee, and Professor Abdul Qadir Ahmed, the supervisor of the Committee’s office in Borama.

Al-Noor Schools is one of the educational projects of the Rahma International Society in Somaliland and one of the integrated and exemplary schools in the Awdal region of Borama, where the number of students is more than (2,700) students.

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