We, at ARC have successfully drilled three artesian wells in Somaliland, providing clean water to over 1,500 families and their livestock. This initiative is part of our comprehensive water project to address water scarcity in arid regions and improve the lives of impoverished communities, especially during droughts.

We equipped the wells in the Sahel and Marodijeh regions with solar-powered pumps and water storages of the capacity of up to 10,000 liters each. We also installed taps and troughs for domestic use and animal watering, maximizing the project’s benefits.

Access to clean water has transformed the lives of the beneficiary communities. Previously, families had to travel long distances to fetch water from contaminated sources, risking their health and consuming significant time and energy, particularly for women and children. The proximity of clean water sources has freed up time for more productive activities like education and employment, leading to improved health outcomes by reducing waterborne diseases.

We remain dedicated to providing clean water to vulnerable populations. This successful project in the Somali inhabited regions in the Horn of Africa region reflects our commitment to sustainable interventions and transforming lives in the Horn of Africa region.

We express our gratitude to ALRAHMA Kuwait and all supporters who make our projects possible, as well as to our dedicated staff, volunteers, and partners who contributed to positive change in the lives of thousands.

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