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As part of the incentive programs for the work team of the African Relief Committee

A celebration was held for the Accounts Department team in the African Relief Committee, where certificates of thanks and appreciation were distributed to the team for their excellence in working on the “Dynamics Financial Program System”.

In celebration, the general of the office, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Moalami, expressed his happiness with the excellence of the financial unit team, whether in Hargeisa or sub-regions offices, as he showed his aspiration for more excellence and functional creativity of the accounting staff, and conveyed to the attendees the greetings of the sector management As well as the members of the official board, and that this honor is only a symbolic expression of thanks and gratitude for the efforts made and the appreciated excellence, then he talked about the importance of continuous development, teamwork, overcoming work problems and speed of achievement.

The Head of the Accounts Department, Mr. Ahmed Abdullatif, expressed his happiness and all his employees with this honor and stressed that the success achieved is nothing but the fruit of solidarity and teamwork.

It is worth noting that the accounts of the Somalia office got a second place among the offices of the International Mercy Society in working on the dynamics system. The Assistant Secretariat for Financial Affairs and the Department of Financial Affairs and Human Resources in Kuwait thankfully honored the office with a certificate of thanks for this achievement and distinction

The event was attended by the general manager of the office, the head of accounts, the head of the human resources unit, and the employees of the accounts department – the central office in Hargeisa, Somaliland.

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