The African Relief Committee (ARC) is thrilled to announce its accomplishment of the prestigious international quality certificate from the American-accredited INSPECT (IAS). This recognition is a result of ARC’s unwavering dedication to meeting the rigorous standards of ISO 9001:2015, reflecting our commitment to delivering exceptional humanitarian service.

The certification serves as proof of the dedication and meticulousness demonstrated by our team, affirming our ability to consistently provide programs and projects that meet the highest international quality requirements. Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Moalami, the Director General of ARC, emphasizes, “This significant achievement not only demonstrates our continuous pursuit of improvement but also inspires us to enhance our practices and make a greater impact in humanitarian aid for vulnerable communities.

ARC’s view of ISO 9001:2015 goes beyond mere compliance. We consider it a strategic framework that reinforces our core institutional values of transparency and sustainable development. By embracing this standard, we aim to further strengthen our commitment to these principles and improve the effectiveness of our operations.

This milestone sets the stage for ARC to create an even greater impact in the future, propelling our organization towards a stronger legacy of positive change in Africa.

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