The Khairat Farm Project is one of the development projects that achieve economic sustainability, as it is one of the most important purposes of charitable work in Somalia. The employment of local hands and gaining experience is one of the main goals of development farms.

The khairat are also considered one of the endowment income sources that the committee seeks to diversify, as agricultural products are sold in order to spend their proceeds on various good ways (caring for orphans, educational care and other developmental projects) as it provides them with permanent income that enables them to continue

The Khairat farm also provides food for orphans in the Kuwait Charitable Educational Complexes in Somaliland, as the monthly production of products is about 6500 kilos, and the products are (tomatoes – melon – chilli – pepper – cucumber – zucchini – papaya – onions – cabbage – avocado – cucumber – Zucchini – zucchini – eggplant – and okra) is one of the most important products that are exported to the local market every day, and its growth contributes to the growth and rotation of the local economy by providing local products with good quality and at competitive prices.

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