Djibouti – In a productive meeting, Ambassador Saud Al-Saedi of Kuwait to Djibouti met with Dr. Abdirahman Al-Moallimi, the Director General of the Africa Relief Committee (ARC). The meeting focused on enhancing collaboration and transparency in humanitarian aid projects directed towards the Somali regions within the Horn of Africa, generously supported by Kuwaiti organizations and philanthropists.

Dr. Al-Moallimi presented a comprehensive overview of ARC’s ongoing initiatives implemented with Kuwaiti funds, particularly highlighting the impactful contributions of ALRAHMA International, a Kuwaiti organization providing crucial funding. He commended the active participation of Kuwaiti citizens through ALRAHMA, showcasing their unwavering commitment to humanitarian causes.

Ambassador Al-Saedi expressed his deep appreciation for the informative briefing and underscored the critical role of the embassy in ensuring transparency and the efficient implementation of Kuwaiti-funded humanitarian programs. He emphasized the need for strong collaboration and open communication channels between the embassy and ARC to enhance transparency, facilitate seamless cooperation, and foster mutual understanding in the realm of charitable activities between the Somali community and Kuwait, a long-standing and significant donor to the region.

Both parties expressed optimism that ongoing collaboration and cooperation will positively impact the lives of those in need and inspire further support from the Kuwaiti government and its citizens to address pressing humanitarian challenges in the region

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