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  • (12) General Medical Convoys

  • (1606) Eye Surgery

  • (142) Successful Surgeries

  • (16)Cleft Lip Surgery

Within the health projects implemented by the African Relief Committee under the supervision of the Rahma International society in Kuwait, African Relief Committee implemented medical convoys in all regions and cities of Somalia and Somaliland during the year 2021.

These convoys aim to provide support for the health sector in general and to provide rapid response to patients and stumbling cases that are unable to pay for health services.

The Foundation carried out twelve free medical convoys, and 128 surgical operations were carried out for needy patients.

Where the Foundation implemented six medical convoys in Somaliland and the nearby areas. These convoys included all medical specialties at the International Hospital in Hargeisa. A number of (8258) people benefited from these convoys, including examination, treatment, operations, and surgeries.

As well as the implementation of a convoy in the city of Growe, Puntland state, benefiting (500) people, including surgeries for (70) patients.

The medical convoy to combat blindness and eye diseases was implemented in Hargeisa, Burma, Baidoa, Jowhar, and Mogadishu benefiting (1154) people, furthermore, surgical operations were performed on 1606 patients.

Lastly, a convoy of surgeries was also devoted to cleft lip diseases in Hargeisa and Banadir in southern Somalia, benefiting 16 children.

As the total number of beneficiaries of the health projects implemented by the African Relief Committee during the year2021 reached (38.820) eighty thousand eight hundred and twenty beneficiaries.

Pictures From The Medical Convoys

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