Provide initiatives and projects that seek to create productive opportunities in various fields (agricultural – industrial – vocational) that are interested in studying market needs and producing what can meet its requirements.


Industrial institutes

The Committee pays great attention to craftsmanship, and technical education, as it singled it out with a great deal of care and follow-up, given the strategic importance of industrial craft education in social development, as it is the backbone of any renaissance in any country.

Moreover, the committee was able to reach advanced levels to evaluate and develop the Somali student from being nonqualified to a person who can produce and from waiting for the initiative.

Large numbers have graduated from industrial and craft institutes, and most of them work in the Somali market.

The focus has been on the most important sections, such as the following:

Technical Industrial Institute, which graduates a number of professionals according to the following specializations:

  • Carpentry.
  • Iron and metal formation.
  • Aluminum.
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration.
  • Electricity.

The Crafts Institute for Girls, which aims to empower Somali women and graduate a number of talented girls in the following specializations:

  • Handicrafts (sewing and embroidery)
  • Culinary arts and confectionery



Khairat Farm:

Khairat Farm is one of the development projects of the African Relief Committee, and it is a fertile land that produces many vegetables, fruits, and grains, which in turn represents a fertile source for charity complexes and the sponsorship of the orphaned students.

It also represents a source for providing job opportunities for the labor force, as well as selling agricultural products to the local market and using the financial return for charitable work.



Charitable bakeries:

One of the projects with lofty charitable goals, divided between providing job opportunities, as well as providing healthy food for students, especially sponsored orphans, in the various educational facilities of the Committee, including educational complexes, industrial institutes.

With the aim of achieving the principle of “self-sufficiency” where the products sold in the local markets and thus the financial return used to develop the charitable services provided by the committee to the Somali community.



Products display and sale fair:

The Productive Projects fair was established by the Technical Industrial Institute of the African Relief Committee in 2021 AD, 1442 AH, and aims to provide outlets to display the products of (Technical Industrial Institute, Crafts Institute for Girls, Khairat Farm, and Charitable Bakeries)

Furniture, clothing and modern designs, fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as delicious baked goods, are among the most important products sold in this exhibition, where the financial return used for the benefit of educational facilities in the Kuwait Educational Complex of the African Relief Committee in order to develop and harness it to serve its students.

The exhibition also contributes to opening new horizons for young producers at the Technical Industrial Institute as well as the Craft Institute for Girls, which represents an opportunity to display and market their products.