The African Relief Committee has drilled 141 surface artesian and semi-artesian wells as follows:

122 surface wells equipped with pumps, and other facilities with a depth of between (10) to (20) cubic meters per well.

And a number of (3) artesian wells and (16) semi-artesian wells, powered by solar energy, where each well was provided with two tanks of 10 cubic meters, in addition to building facilities and sterile and potable watering, along with a concrete structure, a pump.

These wells were implemented in (Hargeisa, gebelay, and Burma in the republic of Somaliland, Mogadishu, Growe, Afgoye, Jowhar, Baidoa, Banadir, in the Federal Republic of Somalia).

These wells, benefit more than 122,778 families nowadays.

Pictures Of The Wells

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