With funding from the Kuwaiti International Mercy Society (A.R.C), an urgent relief campaign was carried out for those affected by the rains and torrential torrents in the Salahli region – Somaliland.

Where the relief convoy set off loaded with food baskets, benefiting 163 families who were affected by the rains and floods.

This campaign comes as an extension of the previous campaigns launched by the African Relief Committee, through which it seeks to help the affected communities and achieve their humanitarian goals in this generous country. It is mentioned that the Salahley area was exposed to a wave of rains and torrential torrents, and the people were severely affected by it, residential buildings and public facilities were affected and floods swept away large numbers. Of the livestock that most of the residents depend on as a main source of life, and many people have fled from them to other areas.

The General Manager of the Africa Relief Committee, Mr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Mouallami, stated that this relief convoy comes as an urgent assistance from the brothers in the State of Kuwait to the people of the Salahlay region, appreciating the efforts of the benefactors and the benefactors of the State of Kuwait, especially Rahma International Society, stressing the importance of such humanitarian actions in promoting and documenting brotherhood and the bond of Islam. It has a great human expression and a great emotional impact.

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