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Among the health projects implemented by the Africa Relief Committee in Somalia and Somaliland, which aim to strengthen the capacities of hospitals, support the health sector in general, and improve the quality of medical services provided to the people,

As a rapid response to patients who are unable to pay the costs of treatment, and strengthen the capabilities of the health facilities of the African Relief Committee, The committee implemented three free medical convoys, distributed between field and local, which carried out at the International Hospital in its two branches in the cities of Hargeisa and Burma.

The free medical convoy launched by the International Hospital in Hargeisa and Burma lasted for a week, as it was free and included all the medical specialties provided by the hospital to the Somali people, benefiting more than 2870 citizens.

As well as the free medical “Mercy” convoys, which lasted for two days in a row, carried out by the International Hospital in the capital, Hargeisa and Burma City, in cooperation with the Africa Relief Committee, It included many medical specialties such as pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, internal medicine, ear, nose and throat, and general surgery, benefiting 830 citizens.

Moreover, the free field convoy to the village of Toon, in the Somaliland region, where critical cases were reported, and their files were transferred to the official headquarters of the International Hospital in the capital, Hargeisa, to receive the necessary treatments and examinations. More than 300 citizens benefited from this convoy.

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