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Among the health projects implemented by the African Relief Committee, one of its lofty goals was to provide relief to the Somali people and to provide health support that suits their financial conditions, especially those who do not have access to medicines and emergency treatments.

In this context, during the first quarter of 2021, the committee implemented the “Combating Blindness and Eye Diseases” project and the “I want to see campaign” project, which aims to reduce the incidence of blindness, and combat eye diseases, including low vision, retinitis, cataracts, and glaucoma, among others from the diseases.

Where the campaign targeted the city of Jowhar in southern Somalia, 250 cases were examined and 100 surgeries were carried out.

In addition to conducting three examinations and integrated treatment for cases of conjunctivitis and the delivery of two medical glasses.

The committee completed the next phase of the project to combat blindness and eye diseases, funded by the Humanitarian Relief Society, where 300 surgeries were carried out to remove cataracts and implant lenses.

The project targeted Hargeisa, Burma, Baidoa, Jowhar, and Mogadishu.

Pictures from the operations

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