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On the occasion of the advent of the new year 2022, the (A.R.C) Foundation held a social activity for all employees to review the features of the organization’s strategic plan during the period from 2022 to 2025, where all members of the Africa Relief Committee participated in the meeting


At the meeting, Mr. Ali Fattouh welcomed the attendees and reviewed many tips and recommendations for all employees of the complex and its various facilities.

Mr. Eid Abdul Latif, Education Officer in the Regional Office, gave a speech in which he explained the importance of developing plans to advance the educational process in its various facilities in the institution’s work areas and all of the institution’s projects. He also stressed that the most important requirement for the success of plans and projects is the sincere affiliation of this institution and the hard work of the institution’s team in its various units and administrative levels…


The activity also included a speech in which Mr. Hussein Metwally, Director of the Industrial Institute, expressed his pride in belonging to this institution and his happiness for the opportunity that had been given to him to be part of the team of this pioneering institution, as well as one of the implementers of the long-term plan, especially for the Industrial Institutes Department of the Committee, which is a lofty scientific and humanitarian edifice for every Somaliland community.

He also urged everyone to be faithful and observe God in all works and investigate effectiveness and perfection in work.


Mr. Youssef Mohamed Abdullah, Public Relations Officer, pointed out that this plan contributes to serving the Somaliland, Somali, and Jikjika communities, and that the most important success factors on which this plan will be based are its team, which is concerned with developing work and improving the reputation and mental image of the institution in the entire community, and that every employee is an ambassador The institution and its positive media.

Pictures Of The Event

The meeting was concluded by Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Mualim, Director General of the Foundation, with a speech in which he stimulated the employees at the beginning of the year to sharpen their determination, tighten their resolve and focus on achieving the greatest impact that meets the aspirations of the supporters and leaves an imprint and impact on the poor and the needy with high professionalism and professionalism.

In turn, he thanked the work team of the Foundation, including managers, employees, workers, and volunteers, for their generous efforts during the year 2021 AD to make the work successful in quality and effectiveness. He also reviewed statistics of the achievements of the Foundation in the various projects carried out by the Foundation in its work areas.

Al-Mouallimi also touched on the most prominent features of the next four-way strategic plan 2022-2025, its most prominent objectives, directions, the slogan for its phase, and requirements for its success.

At the end of his speech, he announced two initiatives:

First. The “Best Creative Idea for Business Development and Successes Award” is presented by the employee to the management and the idea is realistic and applicable and serves the organization, its team, or the community.

And the second. The “Best Positive Publication about the Organization Award” was promoted by the employee and spread to the largest segment of society.

And that during a specific period and according to the controls that will be distributed to everyone.

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