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In the presence of the Vice-President of the Republic of Somaliland, Mr. Abdul Rahman Zelai, Minister of Health Mr. Hassan Mohamed Jafdi, Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Sheikh Abdul Razzaq Hussein Ali, Deputy Mayor of Hargeisa, Mr. Khader Ahmed, and a number of officials and concerned authorities in the Republic of Somaliland, the Africa Relief Committee The launch of the foundation stone laying ceremony for the (Construction of the International Hospital) project in Hargeisa, Somaliland.

At the inauguration ceremony, the Vice President of the Republic of Somaliland gave a speech in which he expressed his happiness to attend the laying of the foundation stone for this lofty medical edifice, which would transfer health services in this country a qualitative leap for the better as it provides medical services to the local community in Somaliland and saves them the trouble of traveling outside the country To receive treatment and perform surgical operations through medical specialties that do not exist in the country and provide distinguished health services to patients using the latest medical devices, appreciating the efforts of the Africa Committee for Relief and International Mercy and its active role in providing various humanitarian projects, including this distinguished medical project, as he expressed his thanks to the State of Kuwait, in particular, the International Mercy Society in the State of Kuwait for their support and sponsorship of this giant humanitarian project.

In his speech, the Minister of Health, Mr. Hassan Mohamed Jafdi, praised the quality of health services provided by the International Hospital in the capital Hargeisa to the people of Somaliland and expressed his optimism about the modernity and size of the hospital that will be built and the extent of the qualitative leap that health services will move to in the country by the presence of a hospital such as the International Hospital in it.

The Deputy Mayor of Hargeisa also gave his speech in which he expressed his gratitude for the implementation of this medical project in the capital, Hargeisa, as he clarified that from the first moment the statement of this project arrived in its details to the office of the mayor of the capital, he was pleased with it and was very keen to complete its papers in record time to start the actual work Executing this for the benefit of the people and citizens of this beloved country, as he expressed his happiness for attending the occasion of laying the foundation stone for Hargeisa Hospital, this historic day, which will transfer the medical services in the city of Hargeisa to a high level that it would not have achieved without God, and then the tireless work of the African Committee For relief to serve the people and citizens of Somaliland, sending his thanks and appreciation to the State of Kuwait government and to the International Mercy Society for the care and attention they provide to this country.

In turn, Mr. Hussein Metwally, Acting Director of the Africa Relief Committee, gave a speech in which he began by emphasizing the importance of the project to build Hargeisa International Hospital, explaining that this great project was a dream that the Committee worked hard to turn into a reality.

He also explained that this medical edifice is based on serving the citizens of Hargeisa in particular and the citizens of Somaliland in general; to provide distinguished medical services with international professional specifications, with a specialized cadre of highly qualified doctors, using the best modern medical equipment and devices.

Pictures Of The Ceremony

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