The Africa Relief Committee has sponsored 2527 citizens, including an orphan, a family, and a student in different regions in Somaliland and Somalia, in a number of areas of the sponsorship program of the African Relief Committee.

The program included the sponsorship of 2,180 orphans and university students with integrated educational sponsorship, in Hargeisa, Burma, Puntland, Jijika, and Mogadishu.

In addition, 324 sponsorship for poor families, and 21 sponsorship of a teacher.

This is part of the sponsorship project, which aims to take care of needy and poor families.

As well as taking care of the orphan since childhood, in addition to providing the orphan with the necessary sciences and knowledge, and other knowledge that he could benefit from, from his first school stage to the end of his university stage.

To ensure that he graduates with the knowledge and sciences that he has received, and is qualified as it should be to go into the midst of life with dignity and aptitude.

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